Social Services Support brings direct service and holistic advocacy to support and build capacities of at-risk families through proven strategies.

Families in Harlem Heights are geographically isolated from community resources in other areas of southwest Florida. Families without transportation face multiple hurdles to connect with resources, needing childcare, transportation, and additional time to engage in job training, facility development, or health advocacy programs.

Families who engage in Heights Foundation programs have significant barriers to self-sufficiency. However, with appropriate support and access to programs and services, they will be able to meet their family’s goals.

Social Services Support provides the connection needed to help families access supportive programs. Families already engaged in Heights Foundation programs are now able to access supportive resources and long term solutions. Key components:

  • The Social Services Coordinator provides intake, assessment, case management and referral for at-risk families, including ongoing follow-up. Advocacy provides the link to connect families with Medicaid and Food Stamps benefits, addresses problems, provides health education and information about community services, and advocates for families with service providers.
  • Case planning resulting in constructing a case management action plan identifying immediate needs and outlining dreams for the future, then developing steps to achieve their goals.
  • Direct connections with community resources and referrals, advocacy to overcome barriers to participation, and holistic family development planning. We know that children in our afterschool program who experience domestic violence need additional support in connecting long term with community resources.
  • Material resources to assist families in averting crises.
  • Individual and family counseling is offered as needed.For more information contact Nancy Sanchez, Director of Social Services at or call (239) 482-7706.

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