Art classes for kids include Guitar, Keyboard, and Drawing/Design.  Adult art and enrichments classes are coming soon.  For more information contact Melissa at or (239) 482-7706.


The benefits of participation in the arts—both on the individual and community level—contribute to growth and positive change including:

  • Improved attitudes toward arts and school,
  • Formation of behaviors that promote school performance,
  • Reduced dropout rates,
  • Opportunities to develop selfdiscipline and increase self-efficacy,
  • Art as therapy for youth at risk and the elderly,
  • Opportunities to collaborate with others,
  • Promoting a sense of community,
  • Expanded career opportunities for underemployed adults, and
  • Economic self sufficiency. (McCarthy, Ondaatje, Zakaras, & Brooks, 2004)

Support the Arts in Harlem Heights

Your gift helps provide access to the arts throughout the community, especially for children and adults who would otherwise never benefit from participating in the cultural and expressive arts.