Medical Clinic

The Heights Medical Clinic provides direct access to medical care for those who may otherwise go without.


Two provider organizations offer medical services in The Heights Medical Clinic.

Senior Friendship Centers (239-656-0221) offers medical care and related services including gynecological care to adults ages 50-65  in The Heights Medical Clinic.  To receive services in the clinic, patients must be without any kind of health insurance, and meet income requirements.

Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida offers medical care and related services to individuals of all ages.  Fees based on verified family income.

Call The Heights Center at (239) 482-7706 for clinic hours and dates.

The Heights Medical Clinic is a unique collaboration that brings care where it is needed most. Harlem Heights is a medically underserved area and is designated a Health Professional Shortage Area by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The community is also designated as severely distressed; with poverty level twice that of the rest of Lee County.

To help meet the need for care, The Heights Center began a discernment process to identify strategies to increase access to care in the community. Working with the Lee County Health Department , Lee Memorial Health System, Free Clinic Solutions, Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida and the Harlem Heights Improvement Association, The Heights Medical Center opened its doors in August 2013!

Learn More About the Clinic

We invite you to learn more about the founding of the clinic and how it serves the community.  Health happens where we live, learn, and play—our community. By collaborating, The Heights Medical Center bring health and health care directly into the community. THMC provides primary care that is culturally appropriate, free of cost, and at a location that is trusted, so as to reduce barriers to accessing care. Additionally, both organizations interweave their missions and work on community health and wellness initiatives outside of THMC, such as incorporating health education into summer camp or offering chronic disease self-management classes to the community.

Learn more about Senior Friendship Centers

Senior Friendship Centers has been providing quality supportive services to seniors in Lee County since 1979. We are your one stop shop for healthy aging services providing friendly, compassionate, and caring support in our rapidly growing community.Senior Friendship Centers offers a full range of services designed to help older individuals live independently and with dignity in their own homes. Senior Friendship Centers is a pioneer nationally in the delivery of health care to adults age 55 and older in Sarasota County, (50+ in Lee and Collier Counties,) who have limited incomes or are uninsured. Our clinics are staffed by retired and volunteer physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and health professionals who enjoy practicing for the sheer love of medicine.

Learn more about Family Health Centers

Family Health Centers’ vision is to improve patient outcomes by providing primary health care, preventive health care, disease management and health related educational services to everyone, including the medically underserved, migratory agricultural worker families, the homeless, and other special populations who require access to health care. Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. will work with the various communities to identify, plan, and deliver a variety of health care services which will meet the needs of those communities.
All medical care and related services will be of a quality that insures dignity to and respect for the patient/client. Center services will not be denied due to an individual’s ability to pay. When appropriate, Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. will cooperate with and enter into partnerships with state, regional and local health providers and such other organizations that will contribute to the stated mission. Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. will serve as an active, participating member of our Southwest Florida communities.

Be a part of a healthy future for kids and families in Harlem Heights!