Cassandra’s Story

This is the face of Harlem Heights: a teenager struggling with a challenging pregnancy, determined to complete her education.

At just 15, Cassandra realized the struggles ahead of her. Tommy’s pre-term arrival and serious health complications were a major challenge. Her mother, Amarilys, was working hard to support their fmaily, but the situation seemed impossible. The family faced a somber reality: choose bus fare to be with Tommy in the children’s specialty intensive care unit in Miami, or pay the electric bill. Completing her high school education and achieving her college degree might be impossible with so many overwhelming concerns.

The Heights Foundation brings hope and help. Crises like Cassandra’s can tear a family down. Foundation programs provide advocacy and support to families in need.

The Heights Foundation helped support Cassandra in a very tough time. Family benevolence outreach provided a simple utility payment. Cassandra finished her high school studies with a 3.29 GPA at the age of 16. When she enrolled in college, the Foundation helped with books and materials, which would have been a barrier to her enrollment. Heights Foundation Family Support programs include and infant playgroup, early reading programs, and parenting support. Your support of these programs will help Tommy be prepared for success in school and in life. We look forward to helping grow a generation of hope-filled families, and invite you to join us. We are committed to supporting families in Harlem Heights every step of the way, and your partnership makes it possible.

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