Grandeur Magazine: Blueprint for success – Former architect re-energizes Harlem Heights community

She is coming off the tailwinds of a major construction project. Now Kathryn Kelly is looking forward to moving around some art.Kathryn Kelly Grandeur

Not art for the building. The $5.5 million Harlem Heights Cultural Arts and Community Center opened in December — debt-free.

In her spare time, the president and CEO of The Heights Foundation dives and spearfishes. This month, she is heading to the Barbados Islands, where she will help remove large photographic montages protected in Plexiglas that were “hung” onto a sunken ship and have accreted the artificial reef’s random offerings of marine organisms. (In the Florida Keys, such works were clamored for in the art world, fetching high sums for reef conservation, and the idea has spread.) Kelly plans to be part of this unusual installation project when it happens with the Mohawk off Lee County’s coast this summer.